Shimano Stella SW 20000 PG 2013 Spinning Fishing Reel

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    The Stella SWB is the new generation of spinning reels. The best in saltwater fishing reels has finally arrived onto our shores. The Stella is nothing short of amazing. Never before could you imagine catching larger game species such as marlin, tuna, GT’s and other pelagic species on a spinning reel. But now you can.

    As time progresses, technology exceeds our expectations, and so does the Stella. With advancements made in gearing, drag power and the new collection of X-Technology, the Stella is a beast in the category of spinning reels.

    With 12 different sizes and options of whether you’re after a low or high speed, it will depend on what you’re fishing for and how you want to target your species. Whether you like to jig for yellowtail kingfish, flick plastics for snapper or troll for marlin, the new Stella will cover all boundaries.

    Let’s put the incredible new features and the latest technologies aside and see what makes the Stella different to any other spinning reel.
    You can now run 15kg or 24kg monofilament line to these reels and set IGFA records. The Stella SWB reels can be used with Power Pro braided line or Mono line.

    If you’re after quality, perfection and the pinnacle in Japanese engineering then the new Stella SWB is one to join your tackle collection.


    X Ship
    X Rigid Gear
    X Rigid Handle
    X Rigid Rotor
    X Protect
    X Rigid Bail
    X Shield
    X Tough Drag
    Aero Wrap
    Ar-c Spool
    One Piece Bail
    S A-RB

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