WTEM-1J/GPS, WTEM-2J TEM system receiver

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    This system is one of our latest researches, with all functions of transient electromagnetic survey system. It features high power, short turn-off time, high reliability, strong anti-interference performance (atmospherics, 50Hz or 60Hz industrial frequency interference), lightweight and low power consumption. WTEM-1J/GPS,WTEM-2J TEM exploration system receiver needs to work together with WTEM-1D high power transmitter to finish deep sounding, or work together with WTEM-1X low power transmitter to finish shallow exploration.

    While the loop utilized is coincident loop or central loop, one transmitter works together with one receiver; while the loop is large loop, one high-power transmitter is able to associate with several receivers.

    According to different geological situations, user could choose an appropriate system to finish surveying tasks of quick general survey, 3D graph coloring up, deep mine finding and shallow sounding. It is mainly used for surveying metal mine, coalmine, oil and gas field, geothermal field, and applies in hydrology and engineering geological prospecting as well.

    Main functions and features:

    One instrument with multiple functions: both could work together with WTEM-1D high power transmitter for deep exploration, or work together with WTEM-1X low power transmitter for shallow sounding.
    Advanced synchronization modes: WTEM-1J/GPS support cable synchronization and GPS synchronization, fast in speed and simple in operation; while WTEM-2J support cable synchronization and GPS+ Quartz clock synchronization.
    High reliability, low power consumption: refined receiver and circuitry, sealed and rugged mechanical structure, ensuring high reliability, low power consumption and convenient operation.
    Remote control: PDA based Blue-tooth wireless communication technology enables it to control the receiver in 10 meters, such as setting up parameters, starting measuring, transferring and displaying the measured results.
    High anti-interference performance: program controls the filter to give accurate power supply frequency; besides, data stacking and software filtration also do well to this performance.
    Multiple channels, high measurement accuracy: operator could set number of channel, linear or logarithmic; crystal oscillator accomplishes timing, with stable and precise time–depth ratio. Sampling window arrangement is reasonable, imaging the true subsurface structure. It provides references to complex geological problems.
    Short turn-off time: transmitter support swift turn-off function, able to extend shallow exploration range. Short turn-off function provides software with accurate turn-off time to enable it to give accurate data.
    Friendly and powerful control interface: PDA controls and collects data from human-machine interface, such as parameters input, data display or storage, graph plotting, etc, simplifying fieldwork.


    Technical Specifications


    Number of channel

    2Pre-amplification gain
    8, 32 times

    Main amplification gain
    1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 times

    0~50k Hz (liner phased filter), full band-pass 0~400k Hz



    Minimum sampling interval

    Crystal oscillation frequency error

    Trace number

    Stacking times
    1~9999 time

    Synchronization mode
    Cable sync, GPS sync
    Cable sync, GPS+ Quartz clock sync

    Power source
    built-in 12V rechargeable battery (or external 12V power supply) lasting for over 10 hours


    6 kg

    Working temperature

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