CableCoiler 4000 Coiling Machine

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The CableCoiler 4000 is a motorized heavy-duty cable coiling machine designed to interface with the MegaStrip 9600. It coils cable up to an inner diameter of 600 mm (23.6″) and handles cable coils weighing up to 80 kg (178 lbs.)

Processing Capabilities

Power and Multi-conductor Cables with Round Cross Sections
Heavy Duty Processing

Application Range

The CableCoiler 4000 is a motorized cable coiling system which coils the cable as it exits a cut and strip machine. It can handle a wide range of cable diameters such as are processed on the Schleuniger cut- and strip machine. Thanks to its fl exibility, the easy programming and ergonomic handling, the CableCoiler 4000 is a perfect solution to improve the production rate as well as effi ciency in a production line

Technical Data

Coiling Stations

Cable Diameter
35 mm (1.38 “)

Coil Diameter
250-600 mm

Coil Weight
80 kg (176 Ibs.)

Revolution Speed max.
133 1/min

Speed at max. Coil Diameter
4.2 m/s
Coil Outer Diameter max. 750 mm (30 inch)

Speed at min. Coil Diameter
1.7 m/s
Coil Inner Diameter 250-600 mm (10 – 24 inch)

Stacking Concept

Dereeling Concept

Spool dereeling

Dimensions (L x W x H)
1‘230 x 1‘060 x 1’260 mm (48″ x 42″ x 50”)

180 kg (396 Ibs.)

The CableCoiler 4000 fully complies with all CE and EMC equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.