Champ™ 3 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun

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Industrial Hot Melt Handgun improves product quality, production speeds and ergonomics while decreasing equipment maintenance. It melts a wide range of bulk, economy hot melts in the melt tank located in the gun and promotes smooth precise flow with the large piston pump. It eliminates adhesive “Stringing” and dripping from the nozzle with check valve nozzle tip. The Champ3 also has adjustable temperature controls.

Compatible With:
Hot Melt Adhesives have a wide range of low to medium viscosity in pellet, chip, and pillow form to include EVA, PSA, APAO and polyamides that melt and apply at 400F or less. (Quality Bulk Adhesives available for use with Champ™ 3 from Glue Machinery Corporation).

Product Details:
Power requirements: 120v = 1.66 amp/ph./50-60Hz or 240v = .83 amp/1ph/50-60Hz
Tank Capacity: Approx. 5ounces of molten hot melt adhesive
Melt Rate of 1lb per hour, depending on adhesive
High flow piston pump trigger mechanism
Heat up time is approximately 15 minutes
Operates in 24/7 applications
Repairable/ rebuildable
All parts available immediately
“All Electric” , No air required
Adjustable thermostatic temperature control
Offers precise dots or beads
Has thermostat temperature control
Range of nozzles configuration available
Gun weight 1.8 pounds ( without adhesive)
Check valve nozzle tip to minimize “stringing” and dripping
Cord weight/ length- 4.45oz , 7’10”
Two nozzles included with each gun purchase
** All Champ Nozzles are replacement items and should be stocked