MegaStrip 9650 Automatic Cut and Strip Machine

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The MegaStrip 9650 is a modularly designed, automatic cut and strip machine for processing single core wires, multiconductor cables and shielded cables up to 35 mm (1.38′) in outer diameter. The machine is available in 2 basic versions and provides an optimized solution based upon customers’ required applications and environmental conditions.

Modular design allows future upgrades
Extensive libraries with predefined cable types, processes and operations simplify the machine programming
SmartBlade™ system with cartridges and libraries for quick changeover of complete blade sets
Highly precise rotary incision unit with automatic centering system for precise shield cutting
Automatic lock / unlock of guide sets for safety operation


Buffered Fiber
Coaxial Cable
Duplex Glass Optical Fiber
Fiber Ribbon
Flat Cable
Flat Material
Flat Ribbon Cable
GOF (glass optical cable)
Multi-conductor Cable
POF (polymer optical cable)
Shielded Cables
Single Wire
Solid Wire
Single Conductor Cable
Triaxial Cable
Tubes + Pipes
Stranded Wire
Wire with Special Isolation

Processing Capabilities

Coax Cable Applications
Coaxial Cable Processing
Coaxial-, Multi Conductor Cable and Single Conductor Wire
Cutting & Stripping Short Mode
Cutting to Length
Flat Cable Applications
Flat Cable Processing
Jacket Stripping
Kevlar Processing
Longitudinal Slitting
Marking (ink jet or hot stamp)
Multilayer Applications
Multiple Layer Stripping
Multiple Step
Shielded Cable Applications
Shielded Cables
Single Wire
Single Wire Applications
Stripping of inner conductor
Tube Applications
Wire List Processing
Zip Cord Applications

Application Range

Discrete wires with cross sections up to 120 mm² (4/0 AWG) or optional 300 mm2 (MCM 600), shielded cable and complex multiconductor applications can be processed in one automated operation. The MegaStip 9650 is available in 2 basic configured models:

M-version with the free programmable indexing multiblade cutter head

MR-version with additional rotary incision unit for precise shield cutting

Thanks to a wide range of additional tools, the MegaStirp 9650 can process a wide range of cables with very different operations.

The MegaStrip 9650 is specifically designed to provide the highest possible productivity. Powerful servo drives ensure fast feeding speeds and high stripping forces. An intelligent control unit guarantees short cycle times and repeatable high-quality performance

Technical Data

Max. Cable Diameter
35 mm (1.38″)

Max. Cable Cross Section
Standard 120 mm2 (4/0 AWG)
Optional 240 – 300 mm2 (500 MCM – 600 MCM)
both depending on cable type

Cable Length Standard Mode

Short Mode
150 – 999,999 mm (5.90 – 39,370″) (standard)
225 – 999,999 mm (8.85 – 39,370″) (configuration 2 inkjet)

< 150 mm (5.90″) (standard)
< 225 mm (8.85″) (configuration 2 inkjet)

Stripping Length Left / Right
< 999,999 mm (39,370″)

Max. Pull Off Length Left Side

Right Side
220 mm (8.6″) (standard)
300 mm (11.8″) (configuration 2 inkjet)

360 mm (14.2″) (standard)

Max. Transport Speed
3 m/sec (9.84ft/s)

Blade Cartridges
Cartridge Grids
Standard, quick changeable
2 x 56 mm
4 x 28 mm
56 + 2 x 28 mm
Customized on request

Ethernet, USB, RS 232, pre-/postprocessing interface, hotstamp, 2 x inkjet, foot pedal, NV1XXX

Power Supply
3 x 380 VAC

Air Supply
Required 6 bar (90 psi)

(L x W x H)
1,590 x 1,030 x 1,365 mm over all (62.6 x 40.6 x 53.7″)

M version 435 kg (959.01 lbs.)
MR version 463 kg 1020.74 lbs.)