StripCrimp 30 Stripping and Crimping Machine

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The StripCrimp 30 is a pneumatic stripping- and crimping machine for the efficient and reliable processing of side feed and rear feed terminals with cross sections from 0.03 to 1,5 mm2 (AWG 32–16).

The machine concept incorporates a toggle press, meaning that both upper and lower parts of the applicator move towards each other. The machine is based on the concept of the former PP3 stripper crimper machine from Schleuniger.

Consistent high processing quality with high precision stripping and gas tight crimps

Flexible use in many working areas thanks to its lightweight and compact design

Automatic trigger sensor for precise operation and fast cycle time

Die-blades for smaller cross sections as well as thin-walled or extremely tough insulation

Compatible with all mechanic tools for the former Schleuniger stripper crimper PP3 (left side feed) and with the pneumatic tools of KrimpSystems s.r.o.

Stripping and crimping of side- or rear-feed terminals with cross sections between 0.05 – 4.00 mm² (30 – 12 AWG).


Wire Size
0.03 – 1.5 mm2 (AWG 32 – 16)

Stripping length
Up to 12 mm

Breakout side feed applicator
Minimum 15 mm (0.59” – application dependent)

Breakout rear feed applicator
Minimum 11 mm (0.43” – application dependent)

Crimp height setting
0.04 mm (optional 0.02 mm)

Maximum reel width
190 mm (7.4”)

Maximum reel diameter
750 mm (29.5” – Standard)

Production rate
Approx. 3000 cycles/hour

Air pressure
4 – 6 bar

Air consumption
1.45 NL (5 bar)

Noise level
<75 dBA

Stripping Length
0.5 – 15 mm (0.02” – 0.59”)

(L x W x H)
250 x 220 x 450 mm (9.9” x 8.7” x 17.7”)

16 kg (35.2 lbs.)

The StripCrimp 30 fully complies with all CE and EMC equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility